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A few personal favs - maybe because of the event and the fond memory I've attached to the event and its photo, or perhaps I'm pleased with the photo on its own merit.

What do you think?
Comet NEOWISE over Mt DiabloLexie and Wager at San Mateo CoastSunrise San Francisco Bay IIIWager 'n Lexie Airborne  16x9-0331 Left2RightFiloli's Peacock 'Percy'Point Reyes National Seashore 0798HMB State Beach Practice VIII 0254Skyline MorningDjerassi Artist Residency - Torii - Bruce JohnsonPhotographers Working the SunsetLast season's aspen leaves...Golden MagicSan Gregorio ValleyLee Vinning Canyon - Aspens PeakingColorado San Juan Mountains AutumnBrown Pelikan Fly-BySunrise and Clouds over the Golden GateCyprus Hedgerow - Shell Beach - The Sea RanchECdM ala Simon Baxter