Hello & Welcome

Thank you for spending some time with my photographs. I've been taking pictures for decades now, having started in high school, taking photos for the school paper and yearbook. Now that I'm no longer working I love taking my camera everywhere.

     You'll notice two primary themes to what I like to photograph - nature and pets - primarily dogs. I love to day-hike, and some of my favorite activities are hiking with my camera without any specific goal in mind, stopping for a view that is pleasing, whether its wildflowers or a more expansive long view. I volunteer with two local organizations as a hike leader and I love it.

     My other huge love is photographing dogs. I've long taken snapshots of my pets, but I now love making images, and not just leaving it to chance. I've found that nature and landscapes are photographing dogs are just about polar opposite in technique, and I love this. Nature for me is usually methodical and slower, taking my time, trying to make it just so... And with dog, well, its more like sports - fast moving, the action often taking place quickly, and then gone. With pets, I have to be ready for anything, and moving just as fast as the doggies are... And I've personally learned that these photos of our pups all too quickly turn into treasures. Our time with out beloved pets passes way too fast - its one of their gifts in showing us this. 

     I hope you enjoy my walks in nature and the love of dogs. If you're interested in a session with your dog, please get in contact - I'd love to capture some treasured moments for you!