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Stornetta II

Stornetta II

  • Situated along the rugged Mendocino County coastline just north of the town of Point Arena the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands are a unique and spectacular area that includes access to 12 coastal miles of undeveloped federal and state-managed public lands, coastal bluffs, the estuary of the Garcia River, sandy beaches and dunes, and adjacent small islands accessible during low tide.
  • The diverse habitats found on this coastline provide a critical refuge for a number of threatened and endangered species including the Point Arena mountain beaver, the western snowy plover, Behren's silverspot butterfly and California red-legged frog.

  • The California Coastal National Monument was established by Presidential Proclamation on January 11, 2000, under the authority of the Antiquities Act of 1906 and is comprised of over 20,000 rocks and small islands spread along the 1,100 mile California coastline.
  • The Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands includes 1,665 acres of Federal land administered by the BLM along the Northern California coastline.

There are many ways to experience the spectacular landscape of the Point Arena-Stornetta Unit of the California Coastal National Monument.
  • Under interim management rules, people can use the area for daytime activities including wildlife viewing, hiking, bird watching, fishing, picnicking, nature photographyand public access to the Mendocino Coast
  • Motor vehicles, bicycles, horses, and overnight camping will be prohibited, pending a final management plan. The nearby Stornetta Brothers Ranch buildings and 579 acre agricultural conservation easment are not open to the public.

The Point Arena-Stornetta coastal area contains many hazards including sink holes and unstable cliffs. Offshore rocks that are accessible at low tide can be underwater at high tide.

Use extreme caution when visiting this area.caution when visiting this area.