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Denise and I have been visiting this part of California since we've been together. I love to go when the weather is dramatic - winter months with rain and wind and ocean swells. This year, we decided we'd take our vacation with our doggies - they're getting older, and a long stay at The Sea Ranch seemed just the ticket. We typically stay up on the ridge, in the treeline, about a mile from the beaches, but this time, we stayed right on the edge.

Hope you enjoy getting a taste of our hikes and fun at The Sea Ranch...!
Split Rail Fence and Pacific at Black PointKruse RhodiesSalt Point SpectacularSalt PointSalt Point PulloutSalt Point Sea Lion and Harbor Seal PulloutSalt Poit Seals and Sea LionsSalt Point ShenanigansDenise taking in a Different ViewFisk Mill Cove - Salt Point State ParkRIP Andrew FiskFisk Cove at Salt Point State ParkSummer Sunset at Black Point20140523 TSR Lodge Sunset_69399__IBG3873The Rough EdgeCypress HedgerowStornetta CoastlineStornetta IVI Heart You