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We lost both our dogs in 2015. Sadie, our beloved Tibetan Terror lived to be 17 years old. She had doggie dementia for the last year and a half, so we had a long time to say goodbye... Kiska passed suddenly and unexpectedly - and we were crushed. We made the decision to let Kiska have the limelight for his last years, and we fully thought we'd have him for another couple of years. We are still grieving and missing beloved Kiska.

Being a photographer, I made a little tribute video of some of my favorite photos of Kiska moments. ( I put it together for myself and Denise, and we were happy to share it with the NorCal Sheltie Rescue Group, from where Kiska came. We shared the video with Rescue Angels, and Wager came into our lives. We weren't looking for a dog, not even considering a puppy, but. . .

Wager came into the world in a blessed way - Gayla, his pregnant mother, and other shelties, were rescued from a puppy mill by NorCal Sheltie Rescue. Because of a shortage of foster homes, Argie and Lauren, from Collie Rescue, graciously stepped up to take a few of them in. Collie Rescue brought Wager into this world with warm low lights and soft music, and he was lovingly cared for.

Once weaned, Wager made his way to foster Moms Kathie and Liliane - and four other Shelties and an amazing Collie named Lulu. He was nurtured and loved there as well in a truly, truly amazing pack. So knowing this background, learning that little Wager would be a ‘big' sheltie, knowing that he was potty trained - and that he slept through the night, well, that just seemed to be too many woo-hoo’s to ignore. Maybe, just maybe, Kiska had something to do with this from Rainbow Bridge, eh...?

And so, we are a Pack again. In less than two weeks, seems like he has grown a lot! His spirit and personality are full of energy and joy, and we are loving every moment getting to know him. We started Puppy Kindergarten, as its been a looong time since we've had puppy energy around here. This gallery is where, for the time being, I'll post photos of our pack.

UPDATE October 2016:
Wager's sister Lexie joined our family! They get along wonderfully and play with each other every waking moment. We have lots of photos and videos of them run-run-runing around the backyard chasing each other (and all the squirrels!)
SantaReading2LexieandWagerWager 'n Lexie Airborne  16x9-0331 Left2RightE968A634-A73E-47AA-A5A2-A9F51912C1F7477F04EA-8B3B-4F97-8306-A0EA96265A4679F4E10B-8D5F-47C6-B1C4-761A4571A57746C72A71-0439-4D0D-AC69-9F19BF4F68478AAAD013-90D2-4326-8B02-910EC7677E5507281EE4-568C-4825-A164-A8CD7EDA0B1D1210735C-2F23-4C4E-836E-D20326DFFB5EE97FF7A2-5E69-49A1-8E3D-8A599C0E721CLexie and Wager at San Mateo CoastWager n Lexie at The Coast 0202-EditWager n Lexie at The Coast 0213-EditLexie and Wager Ssan Gregorio BlufftopWager and Lexie - Regal PoseAnniversary Fun Day with PackLexie after a bath...  Did not last long...Lexie and Wager. Wager standing at "Attention". (He just does that...)Two-Headed SheltieWager 'n Lexie