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Our first Sheltie rescue, Kiska, came to us from foster-Mom Vicki in 2008. And that was our invitation to subsequent Fourth of July Sheltie Romps. This year we bring memories of Kiska and joy in a new rescue pup, Wager. Using Vicki's delightful way with words:

"... Hi, Bay Area Sheltie People, Let's make some noise on the Fourth of July--lots of good, loud, happy, barky noise! Bring your Shelties to a Fourth of July romp and picnic on July 4th...
The goal will be to have a herd of happily exhausted Shelties, Shollies, Celties, and Collies so that by the time the scary fireworks start at sundown, they are home safely and too tired to care about weird noises.

By the look of things, mission accomplished. This year, our new puppy Wager was one pooped pooch, scarcely lifting his head to the few boomers we had after our heads hit the pillow...

Thank you, Vicki and Bob - this is one of my favorite-est events of the year. I love seeing y'all, catching up, and especially seeing the dogs run around all over the place, barking up a storm.


Thank you...!
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