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Each year, Kiska's (our rescured Sheltie) foster Mom hosts a 'Sheltie Romp' - the stated purpose to gather her extended Sheltie pack, have a barbecue, and let the dogs poop themselves out, all in an effort to downplay the noise from neighborhood fireworks.

Thanks Vicki 'n Bob!

*I've turned on 'downloading' for this Gallery - If you like, download and enjoy!
"We can't help looking adorable...""Good Sit, Everybody!"A Cool, Quiet CornerHappy SheltieComing out of the tunnel!Smiling Sheltie"Let's see if I can find my people...""Maybe some dropped people food over here..."Collie Love"Nice to see you!""This is MY Mom"KIska takin' a breakHello"How are you?"Sheltie Romp 2013"What do you call a whole lot of Shelties...?"Sheltie Romp 2014Hello Beautiful!Hello Again!Takin' A Break