Images By Gregory | Wisconsin Summer Road Trip 2017

A Hughes Family Reunion was the event that we planned around. I was back to visit family in March on the west coast (Mississippi side) of Wisconsin, and this trip we checked in with friends and family on the east coast (Lake Michigans side).

We started with an overnight to my youngest sister's family near Sheboygan, and then off to the Family Reunion. A quick stop before at the Horicon Marsh, and then a couple of nights at Green Lake. We made a trip to the Veterans Home in Waupaca to visit a family friend, taking different backroads in both directions. It was very enjoyable - good roads, no traffic, lovely tidy farms to pass the miles.

Toward the middle of the state to visit a favorite auntie and then spend a few nights with a favorite cousin and enjoy some country hospitality.

Our last day was a trip down memory lane as we headed for the airport and our trip home. We visited the towns where I went to elementary and middle school.

We were looking forward to this trip for a long time, and it went by entirely too fast!
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