Images By Gregory: Blog en-us (C) Images By Gregory [email protected] (Images By Gregory) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Images By Gregory: Blog 80 120 Fall in the Eastern Sierra On my way to a loooong planned photography workshop. A buddy from high school and I have been trying to make this happen for three years. Photography has been the common thread that reconnected us after that period when we were focused on family and career.

The US Government had shut down the day before, which left the workshop in a lurch -,most of the venues were National Park or US Forrest Service lands, and it was nuclear if we could shoot in those iconic spots. In fact, since Yosemite was closed, I was unsure I could cross Hwy 120, the Tioga Pass, which is the closest and most beautiful pass through the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
I had wanted to avoid the Bay Area morning commute traffic and give myself some time to do some relaxed shooting if the opportunity presented itself. My gear was all prep'd and the car was gassed and packed the night before. I was out the door at 5:00 am and had a smooth ride all the way accross California. The one unknown was if I would be let through the Tioga Pass. (The Tioga Pass cuts through Yosemite National Park.)  IF I couldn't pass there, I would have to drive north to catch another mountain pass - a long way out of the way, and hours more driving. Hence the early hour departure. 
I had made it out of the Bay Area, across the central valley and was into the Sierra foothills as the sun rose...
Turned out that Hwy 120 was open (maintained by CalTrans - Ca State and not federal) but there were no rangers except for those at the gates. They discouraged stopping, but didn't have manpower to enforce that. Lots of folks pulled over, many hiking and even setting out on backpacking trips. The greatly reduced traffic made the drive truely enjoyable, and I did make several stops to, uhm, er, stretch. I may have snapped a few photos, but I was really stopping to alleviate driver's fatigue - safety first! 
Selfie at Olmstad Point. Commission of a Federal Offense.
The first morning we had our meet and greet and then got started. After grabbing a sack lunch we headed up 10,000 ft to our first venue - Little Lakes Valley. Down the mountain to the Owens Valley floor and Red Rock canyon to build upon what we had learned earlier.  We kept this pace for the entire workshop - up at 4:30, meet at Starbuck's at 5:00, hit the road by 5:30 sharp. Tripods up at 6:30 and commence shooting! Move on to a different location, new exercises to build. This continued to sunset and beyond, shooting the Milky Way and stars after darkness set in.  
Each venue was terrific, but the night astrophotography was, well, stellar! It was cold, but what a blast. High Sierra Workshops had gathered special permission to photograph at the Deep Dish Space Array Complex at CARMA - Combined Array for Research in Milimeter-wave Astronomy: While my fingers got numb from the cold, and I was bone-tired, I think we all had the most terrific time - I was gigglin' with Mike the whole time. And, by this time, classmates would see how everybodie's doing, and would help when problems needed to be solved. The camaraderie and the content were fantastic!  
I hope you enjoy these photos - and if you get the impression that I was blissed out every moment, then my photos indeed captured the experience...
Selfie Tioga Pass IMG_8245Happy Man!
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Photography and Compromise Fog and Mist

One thing I' e learned about photography, which also stands as a metaphor for my life is that its all about compromise. And with compromise comes consequences. 


In photography, if I want to increase my depth of field, I have to slow my shutter speed. If I want to stop the action and freeze the moment, I'll up the ISO, which means more photoshop to eliminate the digital noise I've created with the higher ISO. 


We took a long anticipated trip to Yosemite the end of March and had a great time (see "Recent Adventures Gallery") Upon returning home, trying to juggle home responsibilities and digital darkroom processing (lots of Yosemite images!) and strong desires to be out on the trail photographing wildflowers and our green hills, which are green for such a short time... 


I've been experiencing that pull that happens when we put demands on ourselves. And so I was not happy when I took a hard fall last week. Just what I needed! Into a heavy calendar and juggling multiple projects I had to deal with a cast, crutches, and doctor visits. Funny thing, cast and crutches really do slow you down. The restrictions put a kink into hiking and photography projects. And often, a fair amount of mental energy spent trying to figure out how to do it all with a broken foot, I finally got it: AFO.  Another fucking opportunity -- to slow down, complete some projects that require focus and concentration, and to adjust my attention (and my attitude...)


I'm taking the broken foot and the requisite activity changes as yet another lesson the Universe is giving me: Come back, slow down, and focus on some unfinished priorities. That's your Opportunity now, Gregory - take advantage of it!


And back to my original point about give-and-take - instead of being cranky about a broken foot and not being able to be out on the trail and making photographs, I can remind myself that we've had a record dry winter, our green hills are just barely green this year, and there is always next spring. And I'm finding that despite being 'cooped up' that sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a project, or creating something new - is a wonderful feeling. 


And a great way to use the time mending a broken foot. 




Look for more posts about our Yosemite get-away soon.


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Pichetti Trillium Pichetti TrilliumPichetti Trillium


On the Vineyard Trail at Pichetti Ranch OSP this last week. The trilliums make the passing of winter into spring. Yippee!


Three hikes this last week, and I have the muscle aches to prove it! Its a good hurt, though, and I'll take it anytime! Great to be back out on the trail, especially finding treasures like this beauty! 


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Sunrise on Telegraph Hill Up early trying a different vantage point, I decided that the peak had passed for this sunrise. Clouds and fog typically make for a more dramatic composition, and this morning we had very few clouds. Since the was about 10 minutes from actually rising, and knowing that the nice warm winter light might bathe the Bridge nicely, I decided to take the 10 minute drive down to Fort Baker.

Literally, just as I was parking I came upon the sunrise, and I knew these conditions pass surprising fast. I jumped out of the car and got my tripod and camera set up and started getting to work. After a few moments, the sun had risen enough to where it was just a white circle the drama had passed. It was fun to catch this moment as the sun rose over San Francisco. You can make out the Oakland Bay Bridge in the distance, along with Coit Tower (on Telegraph Hill) and the TransAmerica Pyramid. 

One of the Park Police SUVs came slowly around where I was, and as he turned around, I moved my camera/tripod. He rolled his window down, and while the shotgun and assualt rifle were a bit intimidating, he was very friendly and interested in I bagged 'the shot'. He then told me a few favorite spots he enjoys on his early morning patrols - more photographs on the way!


Sunrise San Francisco Bay III

It was fun to interact with the Park Police in this way, and was the second 'gift' of the morning - second only to the stellar sunrise we caught!



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Welcome! Welcome to my Blog - and to 2013! Denise on Mt Tam towards San Francisco Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll enjoy my photographs and some of the stories behind them. 

For some years now, we have enjoyed starting the New Year with a hike. For 2013, I dragged my wife out of bed to greet the rising sun as the new day started, and we then headed off to one of our favorite haunts - Mt Tamalpais State Park, just north of San Francisco (as you can see!) in Marin County. 

This views comes as a surprise the first time you're on this trail, but it is hard to forget. You suddenly emerge from a wooded area to open hilly grassland with this long view (south) towards San Francisco and SF Bay. That's my Sweetie-Pie taking her own photos and enjoying the vista.

This is a good omen - I have a good feeling about 2013 already...! 



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